Market overview motor caravans

The year 2016 was a year of records for the motor caravan market. The number of new registrations surpassed the record value achieved in 2015 by enormous 23.9 per cent. In total, 35,135 motor caravans were newly registered in Germany – more than ever before. As a result, manufacturers were able to steadily increase annual sales of motor caravans since 2010 and registered the sixth record year in a row. The Federal Motor Transport Authority only includes vehicles that are explicitly registered as such in its statistics (technical term “Other mobile homes” or EU vehicle class “M,SA“). Enhanced conversion vans that are registered as passenger cars, office vehicles or trucks are not included in these figures. Accordingly, they are also not included in the KBA data. The actual volume of all new vehicles is therefore higher, and is estimated at 40,635 units for 2016.