Committees and Working Groups

In the CIVD committees, experts from the member companies and the CIVD departments work on the sustainable design of the holiday form of caravanning.

The committees and expert working groups make important contributions to the development of policy papers and formulate current political demands and statements.

Committees of the Caravanning Industry Association (CIVD):

The Public Relations Committee discusses and approves the association’s cross-manufacturer PR and advertising measures.
The Export Committee is made up of sales specialists from building manufacturer and suppliers and prepares export-relevant industry recommendations, guidelines and market analyses for association members.
The Technology and Environment Steering Committee deals with all strategic topics in the fields of technology and environment, in particular with synergy projects within the industrial branch of the caravanning industry.
The Committee updates the ‘Caravan and Motor Caravan Repair Manual’ on an annual base. It is composed of representatives of building manufacturers, Allianz Zentrum für Technik (AZT), Audatex, Deutscher Caravaning Handels-Verband (DCHV), DEKRA and CIVD. The guide for experts, insurance companies and garages is distributed exclusively on CD-ROM since 2005 and makes it easier for motor vehicle professionals to access the information they need.

The Repair Manual Committee annually updates the guide for experts, garages and insurance companies.

The CIVD Working Group

In order to allow motor caravans or caravans within the European Union, they must meet the requirements of the so-called EC type approval. The basis for this is the framework directive 2007/46/EC, which refers to a large number of individual directives with regard to technical requirements that refer to assemblies of a vehicle such as brakes, lighting, seats or belts. Some of these directives are very complex, so that their technical implementation requires extensive and forward-looking planning. In the technical working group “Homologation”, the homologation officers of the largest building manufacturers work together on the implementation of new legal acts in order to find industry-friendly solutions.
The “Logistics” technical working group is made up of building manufacturers and suppliers. Together, they are always looking for projects that optimise cooperation in the supply chain between suppliers and bodybuilders. The working group has already developed the industry recommendations “B2B” and “Shipping Advice”.

The “Standardisation” technical working group is trying to create industry standards that simplify cooperation between building manufacturers and suppliers. For example, the industry recommendation on the traceability of safety-relevant components ensures that a defined label can be used to trace which components have been installed in a vehicle. This makes it easier to coordinate recall actions. The joint approach to the CI bus was also developed by a specialist working group consisting of specialists from body manufacturers and suppliers.

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