National and International Fairs

The trade fair landscape is not only developing positively in Germany - caravanning fairs are also popular abroad.

Development of caravanning fairs in Germany

With more than 268,000 visitors in 2019, the CARAVAN SALON in Düsseldorf cemented its leading role among the caravanning trade fairs in Germany. 12 percent of the visitors came from abroad. The number of visitors reached a new all-time high, as did the net exhibition area and the number of exhibitors. International companies accounted for more than a third of this and occupied a good quarter of the exhibition space.

The second most important caravanning fair in Germany is the “CMT” in Stuttgart. At the world’s largest public trade fair for tourism and leisure, caravanning as well as other tourism themes will be presented. Around 136,000 people, i.e. about half of the visitors, came to the Stuttgart Exhibition Centre primarily because of the caravanning offer.

The fairs “Reise/Camping” in Essen, CARAVANING HAMBURG as part of the “oohh!” in Hamburg, “abf” in Hanover, “Touristik & Caravaning” in Leipzig, “” in Munich and “Freizeit, Touristik + Garten” in Nuremberg experienced successful events.

National Fairs 2018/2019

wdt_ID Fair Date Visitors 2018 Visitors 2019 Visitors interested in caravanning (CIVD-Estimation) 2018 Visitors interested in caravanning (CIVD-Estimation) 2019

Development of the worldwide caravaning fairs

With a new record of over 250,000 visitors, CARAVAN SALON 2018 proved its outstanding position as the world’s most important caravanning trade fair. The net exhibition area grew as did the number of exhibitors. The international significance of the fair is underlined by the fact that around one third of the exhibitors come from abroad.

The majority of international caravanning fairs experienced a positive year in 2018. The “National RV Trade Show” in Louisville/USA took place in 2017 for the last time in its previous form.

The Australian trade fair landscape is regionally structured, with three regional events in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney instead of one national trade fair.

International fairs 2018/2019

wdt_ID Fair Country Date Visitors 2018 Visitors 2019 Proportion of visitors interested in caravanning (CIVD-Estimation) 2018 Proportion of visitors interested in caravanning (CIVD-Estimation) 2019 Visitors 2019
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