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The CIVD Environment Department is aware of the importance of intact nature for caravanning as a holiday form and pursues the goal of finding environmentally compatible solutions.

In the area of environmental policy, the CIVD Environment Unit works together with its member companies to take account of the requirements of society and politics and to find environmentally compatible solutions in anticipation of legal regulations.
This key objective is pursued from production through use to disposal of the products. In view of the fact that the attractiveness of caravanning as a form of holiday depends directly on intact nature, this is an important point, which we take to the outside world in order to increase public acceptance of this form of holiday.

One of the most important characteristics of caravanning is the attraction of enjoying leisure time in and with nature. The caravanning industry is aware of the importance of the environment and natural resources for life and health. At the same time, it is deeply convinced that environmental innovations and ecologically sustainable developments must be implemented with foresight in order to preserve natural resources for the benefit of all.

In this context, the continuous reduction of exhaust emissions from vehicles is particularly necessary. The number of motor caravans registrations has risen rapidly in recent years. For this reason, the caravanning industry is looking ahead to the latest technical possibilities to keep the pollution from diesel engines as low as possible and to contribute its share to air pollution control.

Continuous optimisation – not only in terms of consumption emissions, but also during development and production – should help to minimise air, soil and water pollution caused by emissions from leisure vehicle production.



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