Repair Manual for Motor Caravans and Caravans

The repair manual for motor caravans and caravans, is an important source for qualified experts, insurance companies and vehicle repair shops.

The ``Repair Manual for Caravans and motor caravans`` supports the preparation of damage appraisals as well as the determination and elimination of various damage patterns.
Motor vehicle garages benefit from the work descriptions in words and pictures on repair techniques on the body, instructions for electrical installation, the liquefied gas system and target times for the duration of the work.

For experts and insurance companies, the comprehensive cost statements on spare part prices and labour costs as well as the new graphics on connection types and edge strip systems are of particular relevance.

Particularly informative is the detailed consideration of individual cases of damage which require a different assessment and damage assessment due to completely different materials than in the passenger car sector. The repair manual is independent of manufacturer and type and is kept up to date by an expert committee of the CIVD, in which the “Allianz Centre for technology” (Zentrum für Technik (AZT)), the “German Caravanning Trade Association” (Deutscher Caravaning Handels-Verband (DCHV)) and DEKRA, among others, also participate.

In addition, the CIVD provides a list of experts with special expertise in the assessment of motor caravans and caravans.

The repair manual, previously delivered as a CD, has moved to an online platform in 2022. While the technical infrastructure is provided by DAT Deutsche Automobil Treuhand GmbH, the CIVD continues to be responsible for the content of the repair manual as well as for the administration of users. By moving to the online platform, users can now access the content at any time from anywhere, provided they have internet access.

The repair manual is only available in German.

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