CIVD Directive Material Compliance

The industry-wide guidelines for material compliance ensure a high standard in the areas of technical requirements, comfort and environmental friendliness.

Caravans and motor caravans have to meet the traffic requirements as well as the comfort demands of an ever more demanding clientele, which makes both very complex products.Hence, environmentally relevant requirements are growing in equal measure, both nationally and internationally in terms of the number and depth of regulation.

The CIVD has created an industry-wide standard which summarises the environmentally relevant requirements – and in particular the material-specific requirements.

The directive explains the legal and process-related context and regulates the generally applicable requirements. These include, for example, REACH and the Chemicals Prohibition Ordinance. Special requirements such as the End-of-Life Vehicles Directive (ELV), RoHS and the Biocidal Products Ordinance are also dealt with.

The CIVD’s Material Compliance Directive has created a standard that can be used throughout the industry and which provides greater legal certainty while at the same time reducing costs. The accompanying measures for the implementation of the directive document the desired partnership orientation of the standard throughout the entire supply chain.


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