The Caravaning Industry Association (CIVD e.V.) and its marketing company, the Caravaning Informations GmbH, operate in different fields of activity for the caravaning industry. Get to know the team.

The Caravanning Industry Association (CIVD) is the interest representation of the industrial branch of the German caravanning industry. As a subsidiary of the association, the Caravaning Informations GmbH (CIG) coordinates the marketing activities. The entire team consists of the following persons:
Daniel Onggowinarso Managing Director E-Mail:
Bettina Linde-Schulze Assistant to the Director General E-Mail:
Jost Krüger Technical Director E-Mail:
Tim Rüttgers Technical Manager E-Mail:
Ralf Daelen Commercial Director E-Mail:
Marc Dreckmeier Director Marketing & PR E-Mail:
Christine Allweier Accounting, Finance E-Mail:
Fabio Pinel Economy and Statistics E-Mail:
Franziska Gatterdam Marketing & PR E-Mail:
Daniel Rätz Marketing & PR E-Mail:
Furthermore, the following employees are working part-time in the organisation.
Christelle Beaulieu Marketing & PR E-Mail:
Patricia Düring Secretary`s office Commerce, Statistics, Technology & Environmental Affairs E-Mail:
Kirsten Hofinger Secretary`s office Commerce, Statistics, Technology & Environmental Affairs E-Mail:
Sabine Messinger Statistics, Administration E-Mail:
Regina Vischer Economy & Statistics E-Mail:
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