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The association's marketing company initiates numerous marketing and PR measures to increase the awareness of caravanning as a holiday form.

Since the 1990s, the CIVD has been working steadily to improve the public's perception of caravanning in the public.
Caravaning Informations GmbH (CIG), a subsidiary of the association, initiates numerous eye-catching advertising and PR campaigns aimed at increasing the industry’s reach to acquire the customers of tomorrow. In this vein, it covers the entire range of modern marketing communication channels, which include the online information portal, a social media presence and high-quality print products. It also organises promotional and trade-fair appearances as well as different collaborations with companies and brands outside the industry but relevant to the target groups. The cross-media image campaign, which entered its fourth generation in 2018, forms the centrepiece of the image-promoting activities.

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Marc Dreckmeier Director Marketing & PR E-Mail:
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