Caravanning’s Climate Footprint

The results of a study by the Ecology Insitute showed that travelling in motor caravans and caravans is one of the most environmentally friendly forms of holiday.

Caravanning is not only a form of travel that stands for the highest possible individuality, but also a type of holiday that is particularly environmentally friendly. This has already been proven by two studies conducted by the renowned Ecology Institute.
In a study commissioned by the Caravanning Industry Association (CIVD) and published in 2013, the Ecology Institute confirmed the favourable climate balance of caravanning holidays on motor caravan pitches and camping sites.

This is, for example, 6.6 times cheaper than a cruise with approximately the same duration. Moreover, the examined holiday alternatives motor caravans on motor caravan pitches and camping sites showed better emission results than either travel by car or air travel and hotel stay. Depending on the distance, personal emissions from air travel are 47 to 288 percent higher than those from leisure vehicle holidaying.

Taking the travel trends into account, the Ecology Institute comes to the conclusion that, especially in view of the increasing number of long-haul trips and the boom in cruise holidays, holiday trips with the motor caravan or caravan have a very favourable climate balance.


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The Öko-Institut e.V. study carried out for the CIVD looks at the comparative climate balance of caravanning holidays - today and tomorrow.
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