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The number of overnight stays of motor caravans on pitches is rising continuously - and opens up opportunities for potential pitch operators.

In the past years until today, both the Caravanning Industry Association and well-known trade journals and tourism associations have contributed through cooperative educational work to cities and municipalities opening up to mobile guests without worrying about their guests from the hotel industry.
According to the dwif survey, a total of 11.7 million overnight stays by motor caravan tourists in Germany are made on pitches outside camping parks every year.

Current brochures already list more than 5,600 destinations in Europe; around 4,000 addresses are pitches within Germany alone. In addition to the mobile-home suitable parking spaces, environmentally friendly supply and disposal facilities as well as additional programmes and excursion possibilities for mobile tourists are often listed.

Amusement parks, swimming pools, wineries and farms, castles and palaces have now largely opened their doors to mobile tourists. They have recognised that another guest sector is slumbering here.

According to the results of the dwif’s basic study “Economic Factor Camping Tourism in Germany” (2004)*, the daily expenditure of motor caravan tourists outside camping sites is highest at 37.20 euros per capita (followed by 26.90 euros per capita from tourist campers). In the meantime, these daily expenses are likely to have increased in percentage terms in line with the increase in value-added tax.

*) According to the study “Motor caravan tourism in Germany 2011” (d+b Stellplatzconsulting Dammertz und Bader), the average daily expenditure of motor caravan tourists is 49.00 euros per person.


Camping market in Germany 2009/2010 A BMWi study on the German camping market (only available in German) DOWNLOAD

Planning aid for pitches in Germany

The German Tourist Association (DTV), in cooperation with the Caravanning Industry Association (CIVD), the German Caravan Trade Association (DCHV), the Federal Association of the Camping Industry in Germany (BVCD) and the ADAC, has produced a planning aid for the construction of motor caravan parking spaces. Further information can be found in the DTV brochure “Planungshilfe für Wohnmobil-Stellplätze in Deutschland”


Planning aid for pitches Motor caravan pitches in Germany (only available in German) DOWNLOAD
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