Worldwide Market

The global leisure vehicle market is dominated by three sales markets that account for 96.4 per cent of the market. The largest volumes of caravans and motor caravans are sold in North America, which makes up 64.8 per cent of the global volume. It is followed by Europe with 25.5 per cent, and Australia with a market share of 6.1 per cent. A distinction must also be made between caravan- and motor caravan-oriented markets. North America is clearly representative of a caravan market, where 86.6 per cent of all registered leisure vehicles are as caravans. In contrast, the European market, with approximately 96,400 newly registered motor caravans and a share of 56.7 per cent, can rather be considered a motor caravan-friendly market. Australia, the thirdranking country in the global list, has a preference for caravans (86 per cent of market share). Motor caravans are mainly used as rentals. The remaining approximately 4 per cent of the global caravanning market is made up of countries or continents such as China, Japan, New Zealand and South Africa. The South Korean leisure vehicle market consists almost entirely of caravans, and it has seen positive growth in recent years. Caravans also make up most of the leisure vehicles sold in South Africa and New Zealand. The leisure vehicles (caravans and motor caravans) in the various countries or continents have been adapted to the transportation and usage requirements for those locales, and therefore feature different dimensions, technical equipment and interior fi ttings. The leisure vehicle industry is expected to increase sales in all markets in 2017, also against the background of stable economic and political structures and developments. The trend of wanting to experience a free and indepen dent form of holiday that is close to nature continues unabated thus far.