Worldwide Market

The worldwide trend towards a nature-loving, liberal and independent form of holiday shows no signs of fatigue.

The global leisure vehicle market is dominated by three sales markets that account for 96.7 percent of the market.
Most caravans and motor caravans are sold in North America, accounting for 66.3 percent of the world’s total volume. Europe ranks second with 24.9 percent, followed by Australia with 5.5 percent market share. A distinction must also be made between caravan- and motor caravan-related markets. North America is a clear representative of a caravan market with a 77.4 percent share of the total leisure vehicle market.

In contrast, the European market, with around 125,030 newly registered motor caravans and a share of 59.8 percent, is more likely to be regarded as being motor caravan-friendly. Australia, as third in the world ranking, is preferred with a market share of 6.7 percent for caravans. Motor caravans are mainly used for rental purposes.

The remaining 3 percent of the worldwide caravanning cake is shared between countries or continents such as China, Japan, New Zealand or South Africa. The South Korean leisure vehicle market is a pure caravan market that has developed positively in recent years. Caravans are also sold almost exclusively in South Africa and New Zealand.

The leisure vehicles, be they caravans or motor caravans, in the individual countries or continents are adapted to the traffic and use-related requirements and therefore have different dimensions, technical and spatial equipment. Further sales increases are expected in all markets for the leisure vehicle industry in 2019, also against the backdrop of stable economic and political structures and developments. The trend towards a natural, free and independent form of holiday has not yet shown any signs of fatigue.


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