Caravanning industry achieves best first quarter ever

The caravanning industry gets off to a good start in 2018: 17,655 newly registered leisure vehicles mark the best first quarter ever. Between January and March, new registrations rose by an impressive 22.9 percent compared to the same period of last year. The month of March contributed crucially to the record-breaking start of the year with 9,999 newly registered leisure vehicles and a growth rate of 12.4 percent compared to March 2017.

The motor caravan segment stood out: 12,081 newly registered vehicles mark the best first quarter in history and an exorbitant increase of 30.3 precent compared to last year. March was a very strong month with 6,755 newly registered motor caravans (all-time high) and a plus of 18.3 percent compared to the previous year.

New registrations of caravans also rose strongly in the first three months of the year: plus 9.4 precent. 5,574 newly registered caravans mark the best first quarter since the year 1999. Last month’s result (plus 1.9 percent) was also strong: 3,244 newly registered vehicles are the best result for the month of March in sixteen years. 

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