Caravanning Industry Association e.V.

The Caravanning Industry Association (CIVD) represents the interests of the industrial branch of the caravanning sector. Get to know which fields the association comprises.

Monthly Registrations This overview shows the new registrations of motor caravans and caravans in Germany. Find out more
Bodywork & vehicle manufacturing mechanic German caravanning industry is seeking qualified skilled workers. The specialized career path “caravan and motor caravan technology“ was inaugurated in Germany to meet this need. Find out more
Driving license: New Commission proposal The EU Commission has published its proposal for the 4th driving license directive. Its proposals also affect the caravanning industry. Find out more
Follow us on LinkedIn You can also find the latest information on the caravanning industry and the association's work on our LinkedIn channel. Find out more
Survey: Caravanning vacationers are happier and more environmentally conscious According to a GfK survey, holidaymakers with caravanning experience feel more satisfied compared to the rest of the population and show above-average interest in nature and sustainability. Find out more
Studies: Potential of caravanning in Germany Best future prospects: According to the latest GfK study, more than 14 million Germans can imagine a holiday in a motor caravan or caravan. Find out more