The leisure vehicles market continued to grow

The very strong registrations of motor caravans and caravans resulted in a significantly higher level in comparison to the previous year: The number of newly registered motor caravans rose strongly by 10.7 percent to 1,324 vehicles in October 2015.

The caravan market also recorded a strong growth of 28.7 percent up to 1,386 newly registered caravans in October. Due to the expiry of an end of series derogation by the end of October the number of Caravans increased significantly.

The extremely positive trend can also be seen during the course of the year: With a growth of 10.2 percent, 17,789 caravans were registered. The registrations of motor caravans in Germany increased by 10.2 percent to 26,415 vehicles.

The caravaning advertising campaign of the CIVD enchants again with mediterranean images

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