German caravanning Market with record first half-year

The first six months of 2016 ended with another registration record for the caravanning market:  with 37,103 motor caravans und caravans the highest number of leisure vehicle registrations ever was registered in Germany in this period of time. The registrations of caravans increased by 10 per cent (13,248 units), while the registrations of motor caravans rose by 23.6 per cent (23,855 units).

The month of June also had an impact on this excellent half-year-result. In the caravan segment an increase of 17.9 percent was reached. With 24.3 percent the motor caravan registrations obtained an even better result. Therefore, the registrations in June yet exceed the outstanding numbers of June 2015 (caravans 9.6 %, motor caravans 14.9%). 

The caravaning advertising campaign of the CIVD enchants again with mediterranean images

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