International dismantling manual for motor caravans

After protracted preparations and consultations, it was possible to integrate the assembly-spanning dismantling manual for motor caravans, which was developed by the CIVD, into the International Dismantling Information System (IDIS), which was created by the automotive industry. It is now available to all worldwide recycling and disposal companies at any time, and can be downloaded  electronically in nearly 30 languages.  

The EU End-of-Life Vehicle Directive 2000/53/EC requires motor caravan manufacturers to formulate dismantling instructions for every vehicle they register, whereby such instructions contain information on how to dispose of the vehicle in an economic and environmentally friendly manner. It also requires them to make these instructions available at the time the vehicle is recycled. This was made possible by this solution which spans across manufacturers.  

IDIS (International Dismantling Information System) Download PDF file  (363 KB)