CIVD Directive – Material Campliance

Transparency through industry-wide directive on material compliance

Caravans and motorhomes have to meet the technical requirements as well as the living and comfort demands of an ever more demanding clientele. This makes both very complex products. With these requirements, environmental requirements are growing in equal measure, and the number and depth of regulation are constantly increasing.

For many association members, the question therefore arises as to how this diversity of requirements can be implemented internally on the one hand and passed on to suppliers on the other. The CIVD has taken up this question and set itself the goal of creating an industry-wide standard that describes the environmentally relevant requirements - and here in particular the material-specific requirements - in one document.

In the first part, the directive presents the legal and procedural context, while in the second part it regulates the generally applicable requirements. For example, this includes REACH and the Chemicals Prohibition Ordinance. The last part deals with specific requirements, such as the ELV, RoHS and the Biocidal Products Regulation. As the directive is intended to be self-obliging for the manufacturers as well as binding for the suppliers, it will be ensured that all companies in the caravanning industry have the same understanding of material compliance and its requirements in the future.

With this directive the CIVD has created a standard that can be used throughout the industry, which provides more legal certainty while at the same time reducing costs. The accompanying activities to implement the directive demonstrate the desired partnership orientation of the standard along the entire supply chain.