Based on studies current research and future topics of the caravanning industry are being highlighted.

Studies include the company's own market research - for example end customer surveys at trade fairs and analyzes of the structural situation in the caravanning industry - as well as coordination and implementation with external research institutes. In addition to current research and future topics, the aim is to investigate the economic significance of caravanning as a branch of industry in all its facets.
Most recently, the study “Economic Factor Camping and Motor Caravan Tourism in Germany” (Wirtschaftsfaktor Camping- und Reisemobiltourismus in Deutschland – dwif) in cooperation with the German Economic Institute for Tourism (Deutsches Wirtschaftswissenschaftliches Institut für Fremdenverkehr e.V.) was conducted and published. The results of the extensive study can be viewed below.


Export dictionary

With an annual goods value of 1.6 billion euros (2017) leisure vehicles, exports are one of the most important sales guarantees for the German caravanning industry. The market study entitled “Export Countries Dictionary”, headed by the Export Resort, deals with the sales and economic situation as well as important technical and legal framework conditions of relevant caravanning export markets. Referring to the publication requires CIVD membership.

Economic factor caravaning tourism 2018 A dwif study on camping site and motor caravan tourism as ecomomic factor in 2018 (only available in German) DOWNLOAD
Economic factor caravaning tourism 2017 A dwif study on camping site and motor caravan tourism as ecomomic factor in 2016/2017 (only available in German) DOWNLOAD
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