The caravanning market in Germany 


German caravanning market shows a strong growth

Current figures give reason for optimism for the further course of the year: The Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) reported with 4,911 newly registered leisure vehicles a double-digit growth of 13.9 percent compared to June 2013.

In particular, this means with 2,910 newly registered motor caravans a strong growth of 14.3 percent. The number of newly registered caravans is at a high level and scored with 2,001 newly registered units an increase of 13,4 percent.

In the first six month 28,702 recreational vehicles were registered. During this period 17,809 motor caravans were recorded, an increase of 4.6 percent to the previous year. The number of newly registered caravans is stable and recorded with 10,893 newly registered units a small decline of 0.4 percent compared to the previous year.




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