The Caravanning Industry-BUS (CI -BUS) will make the handling of a motor home or caravan easier and more convenient by operating a heating, an air conditioning or other equipment by only one central control board.

The CI-BUS aims to establish the secure and standardised central operation and display of listed components of caravans and motor caravans. In this context, the centralised operation and display merely serve as an extension of the user’s actions. However, the devices can also be controlled as interconnected control units, depending on the type of device.

The requirements for the permanent establishment of a joint platform for the creation, maintenance and servicing of a uniform databus system in the caravanning industry are set out in the “Cooperation Agreement”. The users of the Cooperation Agreement commit to comply with the listed by-laws in order to warrant the jointly coordinated processes and a standard that is uniform across the industry.

This joint platform is open to all CIVD members to gain the maximum benefit from the jointly presented approach.


In 2011, about 20 companies have agreed on a joint action under the umbrella of the German industry association CIVD. The idea: A databus system to operate all systems in recreational vehicles from the refrigerator to the heater - whether factory fitted or installed later – by one single control board.

The main task is to define the addresses for controlling the respective components. Each device group will receive a mandatory fixed address.

It consists in a simple version of a central control unit, also called the master, and various peripheral components, known as slaves, which are connected via a data cable, and communicate.

For all components with special security requirements - all gas-powered devices - the original control board remains in the vehicle.

Cooperation Agreement

The information is provided via the CIVD Members -service portal. 

CI-Bus Partner:


Jost Krüger
Technical Director

Tim Rüttgers
Technical Manager