The primary task of the CIVD Technology Department is to represent the technical and commercial needs of the Caravanning industry to the EU commission, the German federal government, government agencies, and other institutions. Here the focus is on issues of technology, safety, and standards, and also increasingly the many regulations related to consumer safety. Environmental compatibility and user friendliness have likewise become more important in recent years. This applies to design as well as waste disposal and vehicle recycling.

The participation of many specialists from CIVD member companies has helped in coordinating industry-relevant stances in the CIVD committees and working groups. The Technology and Environment Department is the interface for all technology and technical permit issues, environmental policy, and technical business questions.

With the progress of European integration and the associated expansion of regulatory authority on the part of European institutions, the Commission and the European Parliament will become ever more significant partners in the EU legislative process. The importance of the European Caravan Federation ECF, the European umbrella organization of the CIVD, is therefore growing steadily.

CIVD is intensively maintaining its increasingly important contacts with European institutions through its European umbrella organization, the European Caravan Federation (ECF). Via the ECF, the CIVD represents the interests of the caravanning industry and major legislative processes such as the Driving License Directive and the End-of-Life Vehicle Directive.

The interface to Europe is the Technical Committee of the ECF. It is the equivalent of the national technical committees and is directed by the CIVD. This committee develops the positions that are to be represented,  following coordination with the ECF managing board, in interactions with the European Commission in the areas of technology and the environment

Jost Krüger
Technical Director

Tim Rüttgers
Technical Manager