Publications for consumer

The CIVD an its marketing company CIG are editor of various information documents on:

B96 driving license

Heavy fine.
Drive with the new driving license car-caravan combinations to 4,25 t. The upgrade for the B Class driving licence.

Only available in German.

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The magazine is published for beginners once a year with a circulation of 110,000 copies.

Only available in German.



Special Edition: Driving Safety

The latest developments on the driving stability of caravans show that the German caravanning industry takes this objective seriously. This CARAVANINGwelt special publication provides information on the installation of safety systems. This should be noted before the purchase of a vehicle.

Only available in German.

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Special Edition: Rentin, Saling, Financing

This special edition provides information on the hiring of caravans and motor caravans, the purchase of a vehicle or its financing.

Only available in German.

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