The Caravanning Informations GmbH coordinates the Association's marketing activities.




Daniel Onggowinarso
Director General



Ralf Daelen
Commercial Director




Marc Dreckmeier
Director Marketing & PR





Christine Allweier
Accounting, Finance




Daniel Rätz
Manager Marketing & PR



Fabio Pinel
Market Research Assistant Manager



Franziska Weber
Project Manager Marketing Communications

Continue to work in the various papers the following employees in part-time:




Christelle Beaulieu
PR Manager (in part time)




Denise Hallmeyer-Schneider
PR Assistant (in part time)





Patricia Düring
Assistant (in part time)




Kirsten Hofinger
Assistant (in part time)




Sabine Messinger
Statistics, Address, Administration (in part time)




Regina Vischer
Statistics, Address, Administration (in part time)