Foto: CaravanPark, Sexten (I)

Caravanning and Camping are trendy

The study conducted by the Deutsche Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Institut für Fremdenverkehr (dwif) at the University of Munich titled the “Business factor camping tourism in selected European countries” delivers scientific numbers regarding the economic scale of Europe’s camping and caravanning industry. The region covered in the study extends across 15 European countries. The study, which was commissioned by the CIVD, found that camping activities in these selected countries resulted in sales revenues of EUR 18.3 billion.

The dwif calculated a total of 367 million camping and caravan overnight stays at approximately 26,000 campsites. These figures include purely tourism-related overnight stays, and do not take into account permanent campers. France is the absolute leader in this segment with 109.7 million overnight stays, followed by Italy (52.9 million) and the UK (50.2 million). Germany was in fourth place with 46.9 million overnight stays. The impressive value of 367 million overnight stays surpasses the number of all overnight stays at all -German hotel and lodging operations in 2016. The expenses associated with the 367 million overnight stays amount to EUR 3.4 billion. Additional items include other tourism-related expenses such as meals, entertainment and cultural offerings, which total EUR 10.2 billion. Total revenues from these overnight stays thus amount to EUR 13.6 billion.

But tourism-related camping does not just take place at campsites. Modern parking bays, for example, are becoming increasingly popular with motor caravan enthusiasts by offering an increasing variety of services. In addition, modern motor caravans have become such self-contained units that they intermittent no longer necessarily depend on the infrastructure of a campsite. This aspect leads to a figure of 64 million overnight stays outside of campsites. Another 48 million daily excursions without overnight stays round off the total figure for caravanning tourism. In this context, overnight stays outside of campsites and daily excursions create additional sales revenue of EUR 4.7 billion.

Hence, total revenues generated by camping and caravanning tourism in the 15 countries included in the study amount to EUR 18.3 billion.

Based on the information provided by its members, the European Caravan Federation (ECF) has calculated that in Europe, revenues from the purchase of motor caravans and caravans, additional services and accessories totalled EUR 18.7 billion in 2015. Of this figure, EUR 8.8 billion was attributed to new vehicles, EUR 6.8 billion to used motor caravans and caravans, along with EUR 1.8 -billion for services and EUR 1.3 billion for accessories.