With its classical press work the CIVD is an independent and competent contact partner for journalists and media professionals in the industry and so the association acts as an interface to the public. Furthermore the CIVD Department of Press and Public Relations supplies press representatives from outside the industry with latest figures and information. The aim of the association is to increase the general public’s understanding of caravanning as a form of tourism and leisure form, and to familiarize it with the industry's products.

The regular contact to around 400 members of the press guarantees good, independent reporting and also shows how interesting the topic caravanning is - especially in the daily and business press. Annually the CIVD actions and information lead to around 3,700 articles and stories in the media with a total circulation of 110 million copies only in the print media.

In addition to providing the media with facts and figures, the goal of CIVD media work is to offer the journalists the possibility of experiencing caravanning. A perfect instrument for this is the annual CARAVAN SALON press trip that is organized prior to the CARAVAN SALON by the CIG in cooperation with the fair "Messe Düsseldorf".

Marc Dreckmeier
Director Marketing & PR

Daniel Rätz
Manager Marketing & PR