Marketing & Press

The goal of the public relations work of the CIVD is to develop and implement marketing activities for the holiday and leisure form caravanning and to increase their general public understands.

The association’s public relations work is done by the Caravanning Informations GmbH (CIG), the subsidiary of the CIVD. A detailed overview of the main activities of public relations is provided below:

Image Campaign
The association communicates as part of a wide-reaching image campaign on caravanning via its marketing departement CIG with a variety of media the benefits of caravanning. With the slogan "Every day another holiday", freedom and independence are the focus of perception.

Press work
Through its media activities, the CIVD continuously provides industry information to more than 400 journalists in all branches of media. The journalists receive information, market data and statistics on the development of the caravanning markets. In addition to supplying facts and figures, another objective of the CIVD’s media activities is to enable journalists to experience caravanning. The annual CARAVAN SALON press trip makes caravanning come alive. Goal of the public relations work is to generate a sustained qualitative and quantitative reporting with a valuable range.

Consumer Website
In addition to the association’s page the CIG operates the consumer website, which provides information on the topic "fascination Caravanning" and offers a broad overview of several information to this form of travel.

The international CARAVAN SALON Dusseldorf plays a key role within the association's activities. As the sponsor of the world's largest trade fair for leisure vehicles the CIVD provides important innovation and sales impulses for the European caravanning industry. At the same time the annual CARAVAN SALON Dusseldorf is an important multiplier for the positive image work of the association. It was also the CARAVAN SALON in 2008, where the first World Conference of the caravanning industry was held. The second RVWC (Recreational Vehicle World Conference) was held in Tampa / USA in 2013. In 2015, the third Caravan World Conference is going to take place in Melbourne / Australia.

Furthermore, the CIVD is editor of numerous publications and information brochures. The publications give transparency of the various committees, decisions and (technical) requirements to the professional audience. Furthermore the publications are a valuable companion and serve information for the specialized consumer as well as information on holiday preparation for the end-user. The following should be mentioned in particular: the annual report of the Association, the statistics strip "Caravan profiles " and the “Caravaning Welt”.-- > To the Publications

Marc Dreckmeier
Director Marketing & PR

Daniel Rätz
Manager Marketing & PR