Market figures

Last year was the most successful year in the history of the German caravanning industry. With 63,000 motor caravans and caravan registrations in 2017, more leisure vehicles were registered anew in Germany than ever before. Sales of preowned vehicles and accessories also remained very strong. And as exports picked up once again, a new record turnover was achieved. In addition, the CARAVAN SALON in Düsseldorf was the most successful fair to date, drawing in more than 232,000 visitors. The number of overnight stays at German campsites also increased again. This type of holiday is very much in vogue also and is appealing to more and more new target groups thanks to the continuous technical advancements made in the design and production of vehicles.

Growth in this sector was additionally boosted by the positive underlying economic conditions. The new year began with another sizeable increase in new registrations of leisure vehicles. The caravanning industry is therefore optimistic about 2018 and is anticipating growth in all segments. A study recently commissioned the CIVD illustrates just how important caravanning tourism has become as an economic factor in Germany.

The CIVD was presented with the German Camping Award for its scientific study. With this boom, however, come new challenges. The caravanning infrastructure needs to be developed in line with the increase in vehicle numbers in order for longterm industry growth to be possible. This is something that the CIVD is championing both at the federal and municipal level. The aim is to convince decisionmakers of the immense economic benefi ts of providing additional motor caravan pitches. The association also supports local authorities and private investors in developing new pitches. Manufacturers are increasing their production capacities in order to cater to the record demand. But finding apprenties and skilled workers isn’t always easy due to full employment at the regional level. The CIVD has therefore already taken steps to boost the public appeal of the industry in general and of its members as employers. The key issues in 2018 will be the imminent possibility of a ban on diesel vehicles, new emission regulations and a comprehensively revised framework for EU type approval. Despite the public debate, which is not always based in fact, there are currently no signs of the caravanning industry suffering any negative effects. The CIVD will be expanding its marketing activities to further enhance the image of this type of holiday and to support and increase the success of its member companies. Hence, there are plenty of reasons why we can look to the future with optimism.

Ralf Daelen
Commercial Director

Regina Vischer
Statistics, Address, Administration

Sabine Messinger
Statistics, Address, Administration