The Caravanning Industry Association (CIVD) represents the interests of the industrial segment of the German caravanning industry. By now it has 123 members (March 2014) consisting of German and European manufacturers of caravans and motor caravans, plus numerous supply companies, service providers as well as public institutions and associations.

The association, founded in 1962, represents all aspects of the German caravanning industry in terms of dealings regarding national and European policies or dealings with authorities and institutions.

Association members, which range from small and midsize family-owned companies to publicly-traded corporations and international conglomerates, are classified into four groups:


Range of services for CIVD members

By participating in the association in various executive committees and commissions covering topics such as technology, standards, and the environment, member companies can receive exclusive and timely information on trends.

Other benefits for CIVD members (free or at a discount):

• Information via intranet about current developments in statistics, technology, standards, environment, and press/public relations (via the monthly newsletter)

• Ability to participate in all association events, seminars, training sessions, e.g. on the topics of “Public Relations Work,” “End-of-Life Vehicle Directive,” “Dealer Agreement,” customer focus, etc.

• Brochures and informational publications as well as statistical data

• Collaboration for company exhibits at the INTERNATIONAL CARAVAN SALON in Dusseldorf

• Inclusion in press and PR activities (TV, roadshows, special tradeshow events, etc.)

• Annual meeting of members as part of the INTERNATIONAL CARAVAN SALON in Dusseldorf

• Direct contact with departments and committees