Symposium: Nature. Tourism. Future.

Find out at CARAVAN SALON 2022 how nature experiences can sustainably advance tourism locations and stakeholders can learn from each other.

What infrastructure and concepts are needed to reconcile nature conservation and sustainable prosperity through tourism? This is the question addressed by the symposium ``Nature.Tourism.Future``.
The Corona pandemic has reintroduced many people to the value of nature and recreation in it. During the lockdowns, forests, recreation areas, and nearby destinations and their value have become more prominent in the minds of recreationists. It can be assumed that even beyond the pandemic, earthbound travel with a high degree of individuality and nature experience will continue to gain in importance.

At the same time, the effects of the climate crisis have also become more noticeable here in Germany. And the question of the limits of tourism in nature also arises in some highly frequented places that have become even more crowded during the pandemic.

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But above all, the return to nature and its value also means opportunities for many regions, new perspectives and more attention for nature conservation and nature-compatible quality tourism. Because one thing is clear: value creation in tourism needs intact nature and environment, more than ever. With this realization and the common will, a win-win situation can arise in the change: Environmental protection and nature conservation at a high level and sustainable prosperity for the regions. However, this requires the right infrastructure and the appropriate concepts on the ground.

We want to discuss this at the symposium “Nature.Tourism.Future” on the occasion of CARAVAN SALONS 2022 and specifically bring together stakeholders from different directions: Natural landscapes, hiking and leisure organizations, science, destination managers and commercial service providers.

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