Impact on trade and customers

What are the effects on trade? And what changes can customers expect?

The Corona Crisis is also having an impact on the retail sector - from vehicle delivery to registration, change of registration or deregistration.
1. Can new recreational vehicles still be delivered to customers?

On 16 March the Federal Government recommended the temporary closure of all retail stores throughout the country with a few exceptions such as food stores, banks, drugstores, fuel stations and post offices. Therefore, all caravanning dealerships throughout the country will probably have to stop selling until at least mid-April. For more information please use our download.

Overview of the state regulations What measures are countries taking to protect themselves against the coronavirus? An overview of the country regulations is available for download here. DOWNLOAD
However, we feel that the delivery of vehicles is a service, as it is only the fulfilment of transactions already concluded and no advice or sales negotiations take place. Since it does not involve an encounter of people that would constitute an avoidable risk of infection, delivery, unlike sale, should continue to be permitted. This view is shared by representatives of the automotive industry and corresponds to a preliminary assessment of among others the Lower Saxony Ministry of Economic Affairs.


2. Are repair shops open?

Garages are permitted to remain open. If you have any further questions concerning this, please contact the Association of German caravanning dealers DCHV:


3. Can recreational vehicles still be registered/de-registered or a change in address registered?

It is the cities and municipalities that determine the operation of the vehicle registration offices. A uniform ruling concerning this is not currently known although we assume that these offices will gradually temporarily close if not already. It appears as though vehicle dealers are still issuing approvals regionally. Please refer to or directly to the respective registration office for more detailed information.

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