Impact on dealerships and customers

What are the effects on dealerships? And what changes have customers to expect?

Due to the Corona pandemic, leisure vehicle dealers experienced one of the most serious crises in its history. The sale of leisure vehicles was temporarily banned. Since April 20, dealerships are open again – under strict conditions. However, some customers are still unable to register their vehicles.
In view of the spread of the corona virus, the federal and state governments have, with a few exceptions, such as grocery stores, banks, drugstores, gas stations and post offices, banned retail sales nationwide up to and including April 20 (April 27 in Bavaria). Since then, the retail outlets have been re-opened – although the reopening is subject to the observance of strict hygiene and distance rules. The garages are also open.


Leisure vehicles can only be registered, re-registered or deregistered with restrictions

Many registration offices have been closed, others are working only to a limited extent, or only vehicle dealerships can register vehicles. The operation of the vehicle registration offices is the responsibility of the cities and municipalities. There is no uniform nationwide regulation. Up-to-date information on all registration offices in Germany can be found here: or directly at the respective registration office.


Can I move my leisure vehicle freely?

By resolution of the Federal Government and the governments of the federal states, non-essential travel, including and especially tourist travel, is currently still prohibited in some federal states. Accordingly, a leisure vehicle may only be used for necessary journeys. This includes the way to work, to the doctor, to the care of relatives, to buy food or medicine, to the post office, to the petrol station, to the bank. The specific purpose of the leisure vehicle is therefore crucial. A leisure vehicle is always “suspected” of being used for tourism. Anyone who is stopped by the police should therefore be able to prove in doubt that he is using the leisure vehicle for the permitted purposes.

With the successive opening of campsites and motor caravan pitches in the federal states, tourist trips with caravans and motor caravans are also possible again. Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia already opened their campsites and motor caravan pitches on 11 May. Most federal states started the camping season on 15 and 18 May respectively, Berlin and Brandenburg will follow on 25 May, Bavaria will close the openings on 30 May. The majority of all federal states will open the campsites and motor caravan pitches for all German citizens, only in Saxony and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania only locals will be allowed to enter the campsites and motor caravan pitches at first. Therefore, certain restrictions on tourist travel will continue to apply for the time being and must be observed before the start of the trip.

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