Funding opportunities in the crisis

What support options are available to companies to secure liquidity in the corona crisis?

The corona pandemic poses unimagined challenges for companies throughout Germany. Please find here information on what measures can be taken to mitigate the economic consequences on companies.
The German government has adopted a package of measures to support companies in coping with the corona crisis. KfW’s task here is to facilitate the short-term supply of liquidity to the enterprises.

There are various measures and promotional instruments put in place by the Federal Government that can be taken advantage of. These are shown in the chart below, which is provided by the Federal Ministry of Finance.


The concrete help packages as download Germany has launched the largest aid package in history. You can find out here which measures this package includes in concrete terms. The measures of the corona shield

Other helpful links

With the Corona Navigator, the federal competence centre for tourism offers an overview of all measures broken down by federal states:


Information on the online application for short-time work compensation:


The KfW Corona Aid offers loans for affected companies:


The Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy describes the immediate measures to strengthen the economy:


Helpful information for tourism companies can also be found in the Corona Navigator of the federal competence centre for tourism. There you will also find information on state aid provided by the federal government and the federal states for companies in need:


The Federal Ministry of Finance is launching an aid programme worth billions:

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