Effects on caravanning tourism

How does the spread of the corona virus affect caravanning tourism?

The spread of the corona virus also has far-reaching consequences for caravanning tourism – from the rental business to the camping site operators.
1. How is caravanning tourism affected?

Measures introduced by the federal as well as other European governments such as considerable restrictions in freedom of movement and travel, the closure of all recreational facilities, the restaurant/catering industry and retail trade as well as camping and motor caravan pitches in of Germany and Europe are currently bringing caravanning tourism to an area-wide standstill. This situation will now continue until at least mid/end of April. We are still out of the main caravanning season and will have to wait to see how the situation will develop in the coming weeks when the season starts its busy period.


2. What will happen in the rental of motor caravans?

There are short notice cancellations in the rental of motor caravans. The rental companies are doing all they can to be as accommodating as possible. Details can be requested from the individual providers. We are still in the period before the main season and it is not currently possible to assess how things will be in a few weeks when the main season starts. At the moment, only few to no trips or bookings are being planned/made.


3. What is the situation with regard to camping and motor caravan pitches?

On 16 March 2020 the federal government and the individual federal states uniformly agreed that hotels/guesthouses etc throughout the country may only be used for urgent purposes and not relating to tourism. Due to the ban on tourist use, hosts are no longer allowed to accommodate guests. This also applies to camping and motor caravan pitches. We do not currently know how long this will last. Further information is available on www.reisemobil-stellplatz.info.

Further information on this is also available from the German Tourism Association (DTV) on: https://www.deutschertourismusverband.de/service/coronavirus.html


4. What support is there for affected businesses?

The Federal Government has agreed on a package of measures intended to help companies manage the coronavirus crisis. Hereby the KfW will ensure the short-notice provision of liquidity for companies. Various measures and funding instruments have been introduced by the government which can already be used.

The Corona Navigator of the Federal Government’s Competence Centre of Tourism https://corona-navigator.de/ provides useful information for tourism businesses. This also includes information on state aid from the government and federal states for businesses which have been severely affected by this situation.

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