Effects on caravanning tourism

How does the corona virus affect caravanning tourism?

The spread of the coronavirus has hit almost no other industry as hard as tourism due to the temporary ban on tourist travel. The pandemic also has far-reaching consequences for caravanning tourism, however, campsites and motor caravan pitches in Germany are open again.
The Federal Government and the governments of the federal states had agreed that overnight accommodation offers nationwide could only be used for necessary and expressly not for tourist purposes. This also affected campsites and motor caravan pitches and brought caravanning tourism in Germany to a standstill. Since the end of May, all campsites and motor caravan pitches are open again.

Individual and self-sufficient – caravanning particularly safe in the current situation

Caravanning is a form of holiday that is particularly safe in the current situation, as you travel individually and only with people from your own household and, thanks to your own cooking and sanitary facilities, you are at home practically everywhere and therefore largely self-sufficient. Together with competent partners such as the German Tourism Association (DTV), the CIVD has developed a corona protection concept that can be implemented on many campsites and motor caravan pitches.

You can find further information on www.reisemobil-stellplatz.info.

The German Tourism Association (DTV) has also compiled further information: https://www.deutschertourismusverband.de/service/coronavirus.html

Tourist trips abroad possible again

The Federal Government has decided to let the blanket travel warning for third countries outside the EU expire at the end of September. The Robert Koch Institute will now check individually for more than 160 countries whether a destination is declared a risk area. Many non-EU countries do not allow tourists to enter anyway.

Detailed, up to date information on every EU member state can be found here: https://reopen.europa.eu/de

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