Effects on caravanning tourism

How does the spread of the corona virus affect caravanning tourism

The spread of the coronavirus has hit almost no other industry as hard as tourism. The pandemic also has far-reaching consequences for caravanning tourism. After the temporary ban on tourist travel, campsites and motor caravan pitches in Germany are gradually opening up again these days.
At the beginning of the crisis, the Federal Government and the governments of the federal states had agreed that overnight accommodation offers nationwide could only be used for necessary and expressly not for tourist purposes. This also affected campsites and motor caravan pitches. This brought caravanning tourism in Germany to a standstill across the board. Travel restrictions currently still prevent caravanning from moving to neighbouring countries.

The CIVD therefore expressly welcomes the decision by Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia to be the first federal states to allow holidays with motor caravans and caravans again, as early as 11 May. The CIVD also supports the fact that all the other federal states have joined the new start in tourism by the end of May with concrete, multi-stage plans.

Here you find a list, when campsites and motor caravan pitches will open again in which federal states.


Individual and self-sufficient – caravanning particularly safe in the current situation

Caravanning is a form of holiday that is particularly safe in the current situation, as you travel individually and only with people from your own household and, thanks to your own cooking and sanitary facilities, you are at home practically everywhere and therefore largely self-sufficient. Together with competent partners such as the German Tourism Association (DTV), the CIVD has developed a corona protection concept that can be implemented on many campsites and motor caravan pitches.


Rental of leisure vehicles possible again

The rental of leisure vehicles in Germany is again possible everywhere. The quickest way to find a rental company in your area is to search by postcode on our information portal www.caravaning-info.de. We recommend early booking, as it is to be expected that even more people will discover caravaning for themselves during these times.

You can find further information on www.reisemobil-stellplatz.info.

The German Tourism Association (DTV) has also compiled further information: https://www.deutschertourismusverband.de/service/coronavirus.html


Tourist trips abroad not possible until mid-June

The Federal Foreign Office has issued a worldwide travel warning about the Corona pandemic. According to the warning, German citizens should refrain from travelling abroad for tourism until at least mid-July. Many countries, including those within the EU, do not allow tourists from Germany to enter their country anyway, or only under conditions such as a fortnightly quarantine after entry.

Austria has announced that it will allow German tourists to enter the country again from 15 June. Whether and when other neighbouring countries of Germany will follow is still unclear. The Federal Government is trying to find a uniform European solution regarding the opening of the borders for tourists. The freedom of travel and movement within the EU and the Schengen area is a great asset. The caravanning industry expressly welcomes the prompt re-opening of caravanning trips to other EU countries and in this context would like to emphasise the special security of this form of holiday in this situation.

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